Thursday, August 7, 2014

Super Mates Episode 12: Who is Donna Troy? and San Diego Comic Con News

Cindy and Chris Franklin discuss some comic-related movie and toy news from the recent San Diego Comic Con, including the teaser trailer and other reveals for Batman v. Superman: The Dawn of Justice. Also some news on another possible DC hero coming to the screen (if you smell the magic word he may or may not be cooking) and some new merchandise from the soon-to-finally-be-on-DVD-and-BluRay 66 Batman TV series.

Then it’s off to the topic at hand; the classic story “Who is Donna Troy?” by Marv Wolfman, George Perez and Romeo Tanghal from New Teen Titans #38, Jan. 1984. Robin uses his detective skills to finally solve the mysteries of Wonder Girl’s buried past. It’s a private, personal story that stands out amongst all the great Titans tales spun during this monumental era. What did the Franklins think of it? Did Cindy use her mutant power to find a plot hole in this long-lauded tale? Listen and find out!

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Special thanks to Glen Cadigan for his excellent Titans Companion books from TwoMorrows, which is an invaluable resource on all things Titans!

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Next time: The state of comic book movies; where we’ve been, where we are, and what’s to come. Plus, your feedback!


  1. My favorite moment from this issue is the flashback to Wonder Woman bursting in and saving Donna. Perez does that scene with backlighting, so WW is mostly in shadow. It's iconic and a little creepy at the same time, and really made an impression on me when I first saw it.

    George Perez gets richly-deserved praise for his ability to draw massive, widescreen vistas with thousands of characters, but he was really good at quiet little moments like this. It's only one panel, but it's my favorite moment of the book.

    Good episode, Cindy's ruining of it via the plot hole notwithstanding.

  2. Yeah, that panel really works with Donna talking of her foggy memory, and really only remembering her bright costume amongst the flame. Perfectly done.

    Cindy's mutant power in effect!