Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Super Mates Episode 34: The Adventures of Captain America, Part 1

Happy Independence Day! Chris and Cindy celebrate the 4th of July by looking at the first two issues of the 1991 mini-series The Adventures of Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty by Fabian Nicieza and Kevin Maguire. This 50th anniversary series explores in-depth the origins of Steve Rogers, and how he became the Star-Spangled Avenger. It also served as an inspiration to one of Chris and Cindy’s favorite films Captain America: The First Avenger! Learn why Steve Rogers volunteered for Project: Rebirth! Meet the other candidates who COULD have been America’s Super Soldier! Witness the carnage wrought by the evil Nazi Killing Squad! All this, Bucky Barnes and the Red Skull!!!

Listen on!

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Next time: We conclude our look at this epic mini-series! Action, heartbreak and red,white and blue adventure ensue!


  1. Awesome episode for the Fourth of July holiday, Chris and Cindy!

    I've never read the Sentinel of Liberty miniseries so it was nice to hear this preview/review of the first two issues. Sounds like a really enjoyable read and I might have to track it down sometime.

    I think Fabian's last name is pronounced Nee-SEE-ay-zah because that's the way I heard it on a roundtable interview with X-Men writers included with a VHS copy of "Night of the Sentinels" sold at Pizza Hut circa 1996.

    Great job as always, Super Mates! Now I feel like watching a Cap movie...

    1. I have some of those Pizza Hut videos too. Unfortunately, my VCR bit the dust a while back, and I've yet to replace it. You're probably right about the pronunciation. I apologize to Mr. Nicieza for the butchering of his name in this AND the next episode!

      Go watch a Cap movie! We all should today! Then check your cheap bins for this series! It's worth it!