Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Super Mates Episode 36: The Most Improved Villains from Batman: The Animated Series with Ryan Daly

Chris and Cindy are joined by podcasting pal Ryan Daly (Secret Origins, Flowers & Fishnets, Dead Bothan Spies) to comb the files of Arkham Asylum and Stonegate Prison, searching for the most improved villains from Batman: The Animated Series!

This Terrific Trio select five rogues each that they feel benefited the most from the incredible craftsmanship of Bruce Timm, Eric Radomski, Paul Dini, Alan Burnett and the rest of the classic BTAS crew!

Listen on!

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Who were your favorite and most improved Rogues on the Animated Series? We’d love to read it aloud in an upcoming episode. Drop us a line in our comments section, or email us at If you're listening on iTunes, please consider leaving a review of our show! We’re also on Facebook!

Chris (aka Earth 2 Chris) co-hosts the Power Records Podcast with the esteemed Rob Kelly over at the Fire and Water Podcast feed! 

Next time: The animated discussion with Ryan continues, as we turn our attention to new characters created for the series! Plus, your feedback!


  1. Thanks again for having me on the show, Chris and Cindy!

    I was talking about this show with my own brilliant wife and she asked why The Joker didn't make my Top 5, or even the honorable mentions. I tried to explain that the Joker didn't need to be improved or fixed by the animated series; the Joker in the comics was doing just fine.

    The wife then went on to explain how the Joker in the cartoon was a perfect synthesis of all the best elements of the comics and films--just like Batman himself--so he was an improvement worthy of mentioning. I told her she should have made that argument before we recorded the episode, to which she pointed out that she had no idea I was going to appear on this show...

    And then she asked why we don't communicate better...

    And then it turned into one of THOSE arguments...

    So, yeah, I hate you, Chris and Cindy! Don't ever ask me to be on your show again!!!

  2. Super Mates: Making couples argue since 2014.

    Seriously, we get into why the Joker didn't make any of our lists in the next episode, and we argue the same points your wife brings up. So we're really all in agreement...we just didn't put Joker on "the list". Too obvious, maybe, I'm not sure.

    Well, next time you come on, bring her with you!