Thursday, October 22, 2015

Super Mates Episode 41: Return of the Vampire / Captain America Battles Baron Blood!

Return to the House of Franklin-Stein, Part 4

Giant-Sized Finale! In their last, harrowing trip  into the House of Franklin-Stein (for this year anyway), Chris and Cindy discuss 1943’s The Return of the Vampire starring Bela Lugosi as a vampire that is NOT Dracula. Seriously, he’s not. We mean it! In war-torn London, vampire Armand Tesla rises from his tomb to exact his revenge on those who vanquished him. Along the way we meet his werewolf minion, and even more unbelievable for a 1940s horror film, a strong female protagonist! How does this Columbia release stack up to the fabled Universal Monster series? The answer may surprise you!

Then, the Super Mates end the comic portions of the series in style, by taking a fond look at Captain America # 253 and 254 by Roger Stern, John Byrne, and Joe Rubenstein! The Star-Spangled Avenger answers the call of a friend and need…his old Invaders teammate, Union Jack! The aged hero is convinced a series of grisly murders are the work of his vampiric brother, Baron Blood! What follows is a timeless classic, with one of the most shocking endings of the Bronze Age of comics!

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