Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Super Mates Episode 51: The Batman Superman Movie: Animated!

Just in time for the debut of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Chris, Cindy and son Andrew discuss the ORIGINAL Batman/Superman movie, the 3-part Superman Animated Series episode, “World’s Finest”!

The Joker has a large supply of Kryptonite and a need for cash. Lex Luthor has billions to spare. So these arch villains team-up to wipe out the Man of Steel! Luckily Batman is in town to lend a hand…but he also has eyes for a certain reporter named Lois Lane!

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Clip credits:
Trailer for The Batman Superman Movie
Selected audio clips from Superman: The Animated Series episodes, “World’s Finest, Part 1-3
“Wedding March” from Flash Gordon by Queen
Selected tracks from Superman: The Animated Series by Shirley Walker and Michael McCuistion
Selected tracks from Batman: The Animated Series by Shirley Walker
“My Best Friend’s Girl” by The Cars

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