Thursday, November 20, 2014

Super Mates Episode 19: Star Trek New Visions by John Byrne

Chris and Cindy beam back aboard the Enterprise to review two recent photonovel comics by industry legend John Byrne, and published by IDW! These “lost episodes” feature actual images of Shatner, Nimoy and company…recomposited to fit Byrnes’s new stories!

First up is Star Trek Annual, 2013: “Strange New Worlds”. The Enterprise intercepts a transmission from Delta Vega… the planet where Captain Kirk was forced to kill his best friend Gary Mitchell…driven mad by god-like power in the 2nd series pilot, “Where No Man Has Gone Before”. Has Mitchell returned? And if so, what does he want?

In Star Trek: New Visions #2, “Time’s Echo”, a startling message from 1,000 years ago surfaces. A message sent by…Captain James T. Kirk! How could the Enterprise have sent this message centuries before the crew was ever born?

Also, Byrne reveals the true fate of Captain’s Yeoman Janice Rand.

It’s classic Star Trek as you like it! Did the Franklins? Listen and find out!

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Next time: Plaid Stallion head honcho and Rack Toys author Brian Heiler stops by to talk about genre-related coloring books …just in time for Christmas!


  1. I never knew these books were fumetti, how odd. With all the Photoshop work that must go into them, you'd think it would almost be easier to just draw everything from scratch. How does Byrne handle scenes that can't be replicated with existing stills?

    The argument re: whether Majel Barrett counts as being an actual cast member carried over from pilot to series was awkward. Good thing you (and the marriage) were saved by the clip.

    I appreciate the kind words re: Aquaman. I feel like Cindy has turned a corner.

  2. I'm sure it's a ton of work, and knowing Byrne's speed, he definitely could draw the comics faster...but it wouldn't FEEL like real Trek, the way these do.

    Re: Majel Barrett. Yeah, I started to cut that out, but, marriage isn't all sunshine and lollipops. Occasionally, even the most like-minded of husbands and wives argue over things like children, finances, and deceased actresses from 50 year old TV shows.

    Cindy may get that F.O.A.M. membership yet!