Thursday, January 21, 2016

Super Mates Episode 47: Star Trek TOS “The Paradise Syndrome”

I AM KIROK!!! Chris and Cindy take a look at another Star Trek romance! On an alien world doomed by an oncoming asteroid, Kirk loses his memory, but finds love with a Native American descendant named Miramanee. Can this new “god”, Kirok save his wife (!) and his people, or will it take the intervention of Spock and the Enterprise?

It’s got elastic headbands! Fringed mini-skirts! It’s got Shatner in buckskins, screaming at the sky! Classic Star Trek!

Plus, a brief SPOILER-FILLED discussion of Star Wars: The Force Awakens!

Listen on!

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Next Time: Cindy’s pick! We take a look at the new DC Bombshells comic series!


  1. Chris & Cindy! Really enjoyed this episode. Your enthusiasm for classic Trek is infectious. I have a soft spot for classic Trek, but don't really consider myself a die-hard fan. I'm more of a Star Trek: The Next Generation guy myself. So it's a testament to your enthusiasm that you got me interested in this classic episode. Chris singing Shatner style at the end was a real bonus! Ha!

    Just a few follow-up thoughts. You mentioned the behind the scenes concerns Roddenberry had with the networks. For a fascinating story of how that unfolds with ST:NG, check out the William Shatner documentary, "Chaos on the Bridge". It's all about the development of ST:NG and the first few years. It's available on Netflix and is compelling watching. I've watched it a few times myself already.

    In regard to the "Preservers", it doesn't appear they were followed-up on (at least on the screen, perhaps comics or novels). It's interesting that Star Trek introduced several concepts to explain why everyone in the universe looks similar. Take a few minutes to read up on the "Ancient Humanoid" from ST:NG "The Chase". Not exactly the same as the "Preservers", but explains why everyone looks the same.

    Again, great episode! Keep up the great work! Looking forward to working together on the FIRE & WATER PODCAST NETWORK!!

  2. Thanks Shag! Now how do you know that was me "singing" at the end? :-)

    Honestly, I was kind of surprised Shatner HADN'T recorded Age of Aquarius at some point. I did go looking for it.

    I'm going to check out that documentary. This sounds like it dovetails nicely with Marc Cushman's "These are the Voyages" book series, which I just finished.

    Thanks for the head's up on the Preservers. I do remember the Ancient Humanoid, now that you mention it. I have seen all of TNG, but it's a bit foggy, here and there.

    We're proud to be part of the Fire and Water Podcast Network! Plus, now we have access to that Aquaman-sized pool!