Thursday, February 4, 2016

Super Mates Episode 48: Bombshells, Batman and Bags of Mail!

Chris and Cindy take a look at the first 6 issues of the new DC Comics Bombshells series, based on the merchandising blitz casting DC’s female characters on the frontlines of WWII! Does the comic match the exuberance and fun of the collectibles it’s based on?

Meanwhile, in Gotham City, our Dynamic Duo review the last issue (sob!) of Batman ’66, by Mike, Laura and Lee Allred! Did they give us the series finale we always wanted?

We round up the show with a heaping helping of comments from you!

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Clip credits:
“Wedding March” from Flash Gordon by Queen
“Kalamazoo” by Members of the Glenn Miller Orchestra
“Sing Sing Sing” by The Benny Goodman Orchestra
“Down South Camp Meeting” by The Benny Goodman Orchestra
“Swamp Thing” animated series theme
“Batman Theme” by Neal Hefti/Nelson Riddle (Batman TV Series)
“Gotham City” by Nelson Riddle (Batman TV Series)
“To the Batmobile!’ by Nelson Riddle (Batman TV Series)
“Minding My Business” by Adam West (The Milton Berle Show, Sept. 16, 1966)

Next Time: Sins of the Child, the next chapter in The Starman Chronicles!


  1. Hello, folks! I stumbled on your podcast after Ryan Daly guested on the Batgirl to Oracle podcast (where I have a segment where I review the Batman '66 title). I love your show; great topics and content. I think I'm pretty close to you in age. Like yourselves, I think we have similar interests (certain comic book artists and characters, horror movies/Hammer, toys, Star Trek, Wonder Woman, etc.). Keep up the great work! I'm going thru and listening to previous episodes now and wonder what you'll discuss in your next podcast!

    My sincere best wishes,
    Chris Karnes

    1. Chris,

      Thanks for writing! Unfortunately, I'm way behind on my Batgirl to Oracle listening, partially due to my internet connection at work sometimes "censoring' my iTunes feed. I don't understand it, so I can't explain it. I will definitely be checking some more episodes out, and look forward to your Batman '66 segments! Thanks for giving us a try!


    2. Chris,
      Thanks for the kind words! I'm hooked on your podcast now. By the way, I just heard you on Ryan's podcast; the Murphy Anderson tribute. Great stuff! Good insights! He was one of my favorite artists; nice clean style. I really thought he was a bit underrated.


  2. P.S. I loved your thoughts, opinions and comments on the last issue of Batman '66! Great stuff! I loved the bat traps from the tv series depicted on page 2.